Premier 2000 Beverage Dispenser


Product Description

The PREMIER 2000 is a complete self-contained remote cooling and carbonation unit which when combined with related components, will produce a variety of cooled carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

The PREMIER 2000 consists of a condensing unit, a water reservoir, water cooling coil, a carbonator tank, (carbonated systems only), an agitator pump, and optional syrup cooling coil(s) and dispensing valve(s).

For proper function the PREMIER 2000 must have a water supply, and electrical supply. The PREMIER 2000 is designed with a unique lift off drain pan that can be emptied at any convenient drain outlet. Other items that will be required if used in B.I.B., (Bag in Box), or transfer tank, (FIGAL), installations will be High pressure regulator, Low pressure regulator, connecting lines, quick couplers, or disconnects and C02.

Design Data

Height 16 1/2"
Width 11 3/4"
Length 17 1/2"
Operational Weight 105 lbs.
Shipping Weight 85 lbs.
Dry Weight 75 lbs.
Operating Voltage 120 volt/single phase
Circuit Ampacity 5.2
Compressor 1/8th horse power
Condensing Unit Amps 3.2
Continuous Draw Rate 0.61
Ice Bank 6 lbs.
Water Reserve 1.8 gal.
Total Drinks 50-12 oz @ 40 or below
Power Cord 6 foot 3 prong
Diaphragm pump open flow 1.4 gpm
Construction Material vinyl/stainless steel
Water Connection 3/8 m.f.
Water Bath Gallons 2.5
Refrig Type and Charge R-134A/140 grams
Drain 1/2" flexible tubing