Patron Slim Chill Shot

Patron Slim Chillshot

Product Description

The Patron Slim Chill Shot unit is a complete self-contained liquor dispenser that will dispense a shot of liquor that is colder then ice. The unit consists of a cabinet, refrigeration system, modular pump/s, and LED lights for merchandising. The cabinet is housed in attractive black vinyl coated steel with vibrant custom decals. The front plate and switch housing are formed from attractive grained stainless steel. The Patron Slim Chill Shot unit has been designed to fit in the smallest possible space while dispensing a maximum amount of chilled liquor.

Essentially the Patron Slim Chill Shot unit is designed to plug and play. For proper function the Patron Slim Chill Shot unit must have 115-volt electrical supply and proper space around the unit to allow the refrigeration to breath during operation.

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Slim Chill Shot Design Data

Height w/ Merchandiser23"
Shipping Weight75 lbs.
Operational Weight69 lbs.
Refrigerant Requirement (R-134a)3.18 ounces, 90 grams
Ambient Operating Temperature40 F to 100 F
Cooling Unit120 vac, single phase, 60 hertz power circuit
Circuit Ampacity3.1 amps
Condensing Unit2.1 amps
Peristaltic Pump Assembly1 amp
Refrigeration1/9 h.p. capillary air-cooled