Flash Chiller

Flashchiller Tower

Product Description

The FLASH CHILLER is a complete self-contained remote cooling unit which when combined with related components, will cool and dispense ice-cold beer.
The FLASH CHILLER consists of a condensing unit, a water reservoir, beer cooling coils, an agitator pump housed in an all stainless steel cabinet. The FLASH CHILLER is manufactured with all stainless steel construction and is insulated with polyurethane foam. The FLASH CHILLER is manufactured in remote or self-contained configurations. The Flash Chiller is manufactured as a standard 1/2 H.P. condensing unit and can be manufactured in a 3/4 H.P. configuration. Both models can be manufactured in a remote configuration.

For proper function the FLASH CHILLER must have an electrical supply and drainage.

Electrical Requirements: The cooling unit requires a 115 VAC 60 Hertz or 220 VAC 50 Hertz single-phase power circuit. Please notify the factory or factory representative if a deviation of this requirement is required.

Design Data

Height 45 5/8″
Width 22″
Depth 24 1/2 “
Shipping Weight 228 lbs.
Dry Weight 193 lbs.
Operational Weight 379 lbs.
Ice Bank 90 lbs.